Self-Revelatory Performance Workshop Intensives (private or small group weekend or evening sessions):
Exploring Personal Narrative Through Improvisation, Playfulness, Writing and Sacred Witnessing

Being in the present moment with improvisation, while exploring the threads that weave between our daily experiences and universal themes, a deeper story can emerge. And it is this deeper story that feeds us at a soul level.

This is an invitation to take a journey that supports your creative process as it unfolds through embodied improvisation and storytelling. Experience the power of telling your personal story with presence and authenticity, while being witnessed by a supportive group. This workshop is deep, transformative, and heart-centered. Everyone participates at their own skill level, from experienced improvisers who want to work on their next level of authentic embodied presence to shy people who want to experience the radiance of their self-expression. When we witness from the seven levels of sacred witnessing something transformative can emerge.


     • theatrical improvisation
     • dreams
     • guided visualization
     • movement
     • somatic exercises
     • writing
     • group interaction




Those who choose to can create a 10- to 20-minute performance for an invited audience for the last night of class. Some class members will be working on material for a longer piece. This class is for all skill levels.

Performances are filmed by a professional filmmaker, and a DVD of each performance will be available for additional cost (usually $30-$40, which covers the filming and DVD of each person's performance).