My clients often feel stuck.


Do you feel like there's something wrong with you? 

Do  you hide big parts of yourself for fear others will see that there's something wrong with you?

Do you feel like an impostor?  

Do you sometimes do things late or procrastinate to take off the pressure? 
Do you suddenly freeze up and can't think or talk clearly? 
Do you blame yourself and put yourself down when he doesn't text you back? 
Do you freeze up when you're trying to give a speech to the board of directors or at school? 
Do you suddenly get angry when your wife or your kid says you didn't do something right? 

You don't know what it is... Maybe we can figure it out together.

My clients are usually in pain or they feel tremendously stuck, depressed, or they think their partner is crazy. They want to do something different in their life and are not sure what that is.

Each person has a different reason, but the common thread is that a deep part of them is not happy. People come to me to heal everything  from shyness to bullying , trauma, eating disorders and depression. 

I've figured out how to work with shame and I've created tools and techniques to help pull clients out of the mud. We dip in, we dip out. I hold the ground steady so we can find the deeper story and heal things.

People who have been to every other therapist eventually find their way to me, and more often than not, I can help them because they didn't work the shame piece underneath everything—that little voice of self doubt.

I use a blend of EFT, AEDP, Expressive Arts Therapy, Drama Therapy, attachment work and Hakomi, depending on what someone needs.

Each therapy relationship is different and what each person wants is very unique. This is a dynamic, experiential, co-creative process.