Ready to Reconnect Without Having to Yell at Each Other?

I teach families to play well together.




Do you have a child who is skipping school?

Getting involved with drugs?

Exploring dangerous behavior?

Attacking family members?





When I work with families, it helps if we find out what's going on with the child. Often some individual sessions with the child will open up what is going on under the anxiety or depression. Then I can meet with the whole family and translate miscommunications, and the hurt feelings involved can be talked about. When hearts open the healing can be deeply felt by everyone.

When I work with teens and children individually I help them unpack the stuck places in a very safe environment.  

"I don't want to talk"    "I don't want to play"   "I don't want to be here"

A lot of teenagers don’t want to talk.

I find Drama Therapy can be exceptionally effective with teenagers. 

I use Expressive Arts Therapy if they are open to drawing their feelings, which leads to a journaling process, which gives them access to the hurt they are feeling inside. Once they have access to that they are able to speak and begin to heal depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more.

For boys, they love to draw comic strips! Girls love to draw their feelings and use pastels. And then from there we are able to get playful and unfreeze their stuck place.

And then when the family can participate in the therapy we are able to tune into to the missed connection between child and adult so that each can communicate in a loving, supportive way to each other.