Experience The Journey Of A Lifetime.

Ready to experience the playful present moment while exploring the threads that weave your daily experiences with myth, family history,  dreams and universal themes? Your deeper Life Story will emerge through this process and feed you at a soul level. 

The Power Of This Work Is Transformational.

This is an invitation to take a 10-week journey that supports and unfolds your creative process through a unique blend of improvisation, embodied storytelling, writing, guided visualization, dreamwork, Drama Therapy, somatic exercises, and the 7 Levels of Sacred Witnessing.

We Start With Safe, Gentle Exercises. Shy People Are Encouraged. All Levels Are Welcome.

This is a unique opportunity to grow in 10 weeks with a supportive group, while developing your cohesive Life Story. You'll explore memories, like times you've wanted to say "No" in your life. You'll connect with moments of the past to create a different outcome. This is a counter-shaming process, where you'll learn how to rewrite your internal narrative and experience freedom, power, and energy for what's possible in your life. We start with safe, gentle exercises and the group holds sacred space for your growth.

Our Group Becomes A Tribe That Supports And Evokes Your Deeper Life Story.

We'll be taking a series of simple steps that can take a shy person into comfort speaking their truth, and take an experienced person to a state of delivering a riveting performance. Each night we improvise, write, and share with each other. Your deeper Life Story will emerge. It deserves to be witnessed, expressed and acknowledged. On the last night, an audience is invited to witness the power of the Life Story Embodiment Performances. 

24 CEUs Available (You'll be learning methods for using personal story with groups and individuals.)


Embodied Life Story 10-Week Workshop

With Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT