Welcome to a safe place for your growth. 

This is not just "talk therapy."


As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist and Board Certified Trainer, I utilize the very best tools, training and resources that I've found and studied to help people in private therapy sessions and group workshops.


I specialize in Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. I offer Diana Fosha's AEDP work with attachment for clients. This combination is excellent for couples and individuals. I utilize my training in Drama Therapy and Expressive Arts when it is helpful.

As the creator of the Embodied Life Story Process, I also work very closely with people in getting reconnected to their bodies to ground and strengthen their self expression. I developed Theater for Shy People and use a combination of  Drama Therapy, storytelling, personal narrative, Hakomi, and AEDP to provide people with deeper access to themselves.

As co-creator with Bret Lyon of Healing Shame workshops and as the co-director of the Center for Healing Shame in Berkeley, California, I've developed training for therapists to learn to work with the emotion of shame.

I am always looking for resilience, and I am looking to see where resilience is blocked. I am looking for something as subtle as the way light shines through a raindrop or does not. 

Gershen Kaufman wrote that "shame is the rupture of the interpersonal bridge" and that feeling listened to is counter-shaming and can begin to build the bridge back.  

I developed my Embodied Life Story Process to gently provide space for those places in a person's life that have been frozen from shame to unfreeze and be gently witnessed in the workshop. Won't you join me on the journey?


Photo Credit: Sheila Rubin