The Dreaded S-Word

This is a 2.5-Hour Video Home Study Course for Therapists and other Helping Professionals.

The more we care about each other, the more vulnerable we are to shame. Intentionally or unintentionally, we poke each other in the tender spots. Couples can shame each other multiple times a day, often without realizing what is happening. This can become a highly reactive cycle, preventing both people from getting their basic safety and attachment needs met. And shame can distort how we hear each other; the received message may have little to do with the message the partner is attempting to send.

Learn how to work with the deeper layers of supporting couples with understanding and Healing Shame in Couples Therapy:

  • Understand the blame-shame game and how to gently stop it by strategically working with the shame that's underneath it.
  • Learn the core reactions to shame.
  • Discover how the reactions to shame escalate the dynamics.
  • Look at some of the many subtle ways shame can be triggered.
  • Learn how to distinguish shame in the therapy room (which is usually the reaction to shame, not the actual shame).

If we can free the energy that has been stuck in blame and shame, couples can increase their vitality, joy and intimacy.

For the first time ever, this training is being offered in video format, so you can learn on your schedule and in the comforts of  home.

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