As humans, we are natural storytellers.

Your Life Story is not something that just happened to you.


You are living your Life Story in every moment. Take an active role in embracing and co-creating it through the Embodied Life Story Process™. This process allows you to evoke your deeper Life Story for healing, creativity, confidence and self expression.

Often people that do any kind of Embodied Life Story work with me share:

When I try to talk about my life, people interrupt me. Even my friends don’t know my whole story. I need a place to tell the whole story.

The Embodied Life Story Process™ teaches you to be powerful when sharing your life, in a way that is riveting and authentic.

Through the Embodied Life Story Process™ you'll learn to acknowledge your right to exist, to share, and to dare.

We'll take a series of simple steps that can take a shy person into being comfortable speaking their truth, and take an experienced person to a state of euphoric performance. 

BONUS:  Most Embodied Life Story offerings provide CEUs!

I will hold your stories in a safe place where you can shed light on what's dark.


The Embodied Life Story Process:


We are living our Life Story in every moment, and we are co-creating it in this group Drama Therapy process. We begin with what is most positive, a moment of innocent joy or pleasure, celebrations forgotten or memories revived. We then develop group and inner support to meet the inner critic that blocks creativity or movement. In this supportive group we are acknowledging our right to exist, to share, to dare.

Daniel Siegel writes that having a coherent narrative is a definition of good mental health. This is working with the creative process to develop parts and the whole coherent narrative of our Life Story in an embodied way. We are exploring our coherent narrative in an integrated way with support, guidance, structure and inspiration.

This unique process explores embodied storytelling, improvisational free-writing, memories of when we wanted to say no…. We can go back and talk to moments of the past and have a different outcome. The group becomes a tribe. We evoke the deeper story.

The inner critic is acknowledged, worked with, and challenged while the person is protected. This is a counter-shaming process.

Each night we improvise and write and share with each other. The last night we invite an audience to witness the power of the performances.